How to Make a Moodboard + FREE Canva Templates | Heather Jones How to Make a Moodboard + FREE Canva Templates | Heather Jones

Today I'm teaching you how to make a moodboard with FREE Canva Moodboard templates and a FREE workshop!

One fall morning, I was sitting in my ‘Introduction to Interior Design' class at LSU, and the professor was teaching us the basics of color theory.

“In the visual arts, color theory is a body of practical guidance to color mixing and the visual effects of a specific color combination.”

I loved learning about color. So much that I started learning everything I could about color palettes, color stories, color theories and anything color related.

Fast forward to today, I absolutely love sharing color inspiration and helping my clients choose their unique brand color palette.

I begin every single project by creating a Moodboard. For my website templates as well as custom design projects, the Moodboard I create (sometimes called an Inspiration Board) will set the tone for the entire project.

A moodboard will define the exact color palette that can be used for your branding and website. This includes: your logo, secondary logos or submarks, website colors, email signatures, newsletter templates, and even social media marketing.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with your branding, I encourage you to create a moodboard to start bringing your vision to life.

Tip: Moodboards can be used for many things besides your brand. Are you developing a digital course that will need it's own color scheme? Are you designing and decorating a room in your home that needs a makeover? Do you want an inspirational, on-brand collage to hang in your office? Get creative- these moodboards can apply to so many things in life that will inspire you!

How to Make a MoodBoard

Now for the best part! I've created a Make a Moodboard Workshop to teach you the exact steps to create your very own moodboard!

This workshop includes:

‣ 3 Video Lessons
‣ Color Personality Quiz
‣ Moodboard Templates for Canva‣ Color Inspiration & Examples
‣ 3 Ways to Use Your Moodboard


Website Planner 

free download:

I've created this Website Planner to help you plan, organize, and create a beautiful website that connects with your ideal clients. Over 30 pages!