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The Simone Showit Template is a beautiful, immersive designed to highlight your services, client experiences, and options for working with you.


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With beautiful animations, video backgrounds, and interactive elements, the Charlotte Rose Showit Template is a great choice for coaches and creatives. 

Charlotte Rose

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With a warm, inviting design and an engaging layout, the Noëlle Showit Template is perfect for coaches & personal brands. 


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The Vivienne Showit Template is a fun & bright template designed for coaches and creatives who want a memorable online space.


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The best-selling Henrietta Showit Template has a romantic, versatile design that was created to spotlight your best work.


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The Juliette Showit Template is a modern and engaging design that can be tailored to feel like you in every way.


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Created for Podcasters and Bloggers, the Nadine Showit Template is a beautiful and versatile template designed to keep your visitors coming back for more.


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Jacqueline is a romantic, breathtaking Showit Template designed for photographers and creatives who want to leave a lasting impression. 


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A little boho, a little modern, the Luna Belle Showit Template is the perfect choice for coaches or creatives looking to stand out online.

Luna Belle

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The Clementine Showit Template is a modern and minimal design that showcases your work through beautiful photo galleries and an engaging user experience.


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The Camille Showit Template is a feminine and modern design created to showcase your favorite content in a unique and engaging way.


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Finley is a feminine Showit Template designed for creatives and designers who want to showcase their work in a unique way.


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“Thank you so much for helping me create the website of my dreams!”

-sarah s.

“Designing a website that reflected the heart of my business was always important to me, but I struggled to make room for it in my budget.”

“Our business is now thriving and we couldn't be happier!!”

-jaime b.

“Stop thinking about it and just do it! Customizing Heather's website template has completely overhauled our business. Image is everything and Heather is the best of the best!”

“The template had all of the personal touches I was looking for!”

-melissa r.

"I specifically loved the fonts and the ability to customize the design. I could truly make it feel like it's mine, something I wasn't able to do with any other template I've used!"

“This was the biggest impact on my creative business!”

-brooke m.

“Within a day of launching, I immediately starting receiving inquiries through my contact form! I also had MULTIPLE people reach out saying my website was beautiful, and that it was so dreamy!”

“I gained instant credibility, and my ideal clients connected to me with absolute ease.”

-caroline k.

“Heather's work is incredible, and her stunning designs are always crafted with careful thought and attention to detail. Everything is at your fingertips, and the resources that came with my purchase perfectly supported me during the customization process.”

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Each Showit website template purchase includes a 30+ page Website Planner, which will help you plan and customize your Showit website template with ease. You can grab it for free right now!

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Showit Template FAQs

what is Showit?

Showit is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop website platform that allows the most beginner or tech novice the opportunity to create a beautiful website.

If you’re not familiar with Showit, I’d recommend checking out my blog post: The Top 5 Reasons I Moved to Showit.


Showit offers different subscriptions for your website, so the cost will depend on which package you choose ($19-$34/mo).

You will no longer need to hosting from an outside hosting company. The only fee will be the monthly fee for your Showit subscription.


I recommend Showit because it allows my clients to customize & easily make changes to their website without having to use code or learn a complicated platform. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that I know you will fall in love with! 

how does blogging work with SHOWIT?

Your Showit website will connect to a WordPress blog. You can have a new blog setup or have your old blog migrated over by the Showit team. Since the Wordpress blog feeds in to your Showit website automatically, everything will look streamlined and beautiful.

can you customize a template for me?

Yes! I can customize any Showit website template from the shop during a VIP Day. The template of your choice is included with a VIP Day. You can learn more and book a VIP Day here.

what is your refund policy?

I offer a 14-day refund policy on all Showit Website Templates. I have designed these templates to not just look pretty, but to help your business succeed- and I hope this gives you confidence in your purchase. If you use the tools provided and are still not satisfied, I will offer you a refund. 

With your Showit template purchase, you'll gain instant enrollment into The Website Lab- the complete program to help you plan, design, and create your website. You won't have to learn to code or spend thousands to hire a designer- and your website will attract dream clients 24/7.

The Website Lab

Included With Every Showit Template:

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Simply choose your favorite template from the shop, and I'll customize it with your branding, copy, and images in just one day!