“Oh, that's awesome!”

…is the usual response I get from my clients when they understand how they will communicate with me on our VIP Day.

If you're reading this and have been considering booking a VIP Day with me, you may be surprised at how we will communicate and how well it actually works.

How to Communicate on a VIP Day

You're probably assuming that you will need to be available on Zoom for most of our 8 hours together. WRONG!

Maybe you're assuming that we will be on the phone all day- um, NO WAY! (How in the world would I design your website if we were chatting about true crime and pets all day? 🤣)

Or maybe we could just send emails and keep refreshing our inbox for 8 hours. NEGATIVE.

We're actually going to be communicating through an online chat messenger of your choice, where we will meet promptly at 8am CST on the morning of your VIP Day. (Most of my clients choose gmail chat or facebook messenger for this.)

So why a chat messenger?

Using a chat messenger to communicate on our VIP Day allows us to check in with each other periodically or as needed, while letting us tend to other tasks (Me- designing your website; You- kick up your feet or get some small things done). *I don't recommend booking your VIP Day on a day when you know you will be fully booked with meetings, projects, or phone calls, as I will need your feedback throughout the day.

The chat messenger allows us to send ideas back and forth quickly, which speeds up the process and increases the amount of work I can get done on our day. Wondering what a typical schedule looks like for a VIP Day? Click here to check out behind the scenes of a real VIP Day hour by hour.

Are you ready to chat?

If you're ready to have your website designed and launched in one day, let's work together!


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