Showit VIP Day: Behind the Scenes | Carrie Petri

When I first heard about VIP Days, I thought that there was no possible way that I could deliver a finished website in just one day. Since 2008, I have been offering custom brand and web designs to my clients, which took an average of 6-8 weeks for each project. How would this be possible?

After some planning, a lot of research, and many hours spent streamlining my processes, I was finally able to create an amazing VIP Day experience for my clients.

Today I'd like to take you behind the scenes of a recent Showit VIP Day with my coaching client, Carrie, so you can see how it went and how it was possible to deliver a completed website design in just one day.

9:00am- VIP Day Kickoff

At 9:00am, Carrie and I met online via chat messenger, and went over our main goals for the day. Carrie hired me to create a beautiful, strategic website for her coaching business, and she was thrilled about the idea of having it completed in one day. We chatted about some design details, and she let me know that she wanted to use the Noelle template as a starting point. I confirmed that I had all of the information she documented in her Client Workbook, and it was finally design time!

Showit VIP Day: Behind the Scenes | Carrie Petri | Logo Design

12:00pm- Home Page Design

I got to work on the design. I usually strive to complete the Home Page design before lunch time.

By noon, I had completed Carrie's new Home Page design, and it was time to show it off! I sent her the link to the the Home Page, and let her know that I would take a quick break while she reviewed the design. After a few minutes, she responded with:

“It looks great Heather! I love the colors And the flow of the page is exactly what I was looking for!”

We made some font changes and a few minor edits, and then it was time to move on to the remaining website page designs.

Showit VIP Day: Behind the Scenes | Carrie Petri | Desktop

2:00pm Additional Website Page Designs

Right before 2:00pm, I created and delivered two more website pages to Carrie, the About Page and Contact Page. These page designs were based off of the Home Page design Carrie had already approved. While she reviewed these new pages, I got to work on her Services Page. Everything came together so beautifully!

4:00pm Add Design to Showit & Switch DNS

Around 4:00pm I logged in to Carrie's Showit account and added her new website design. At this time, I set up an Under Construction page as well. I then logged into her domain registrar and updated the DNS, which made her new website live! This was her response:

Wow Heather!! it looks amazing – and I can't believe you did this in ONE DAY!

5:00pm VIP Day Wrap Up

After completing a few last requests and making sure everything looked perfect on both desktop and mobile, it was time to end our VIP Day. It goes by really fast, but it's so rewarding to deliver a beautiful website at the end of the day. Carrie is now able to focus on her business and clients instead of wasting time trying to create a website.

Showit VIP Day: Behind the Scenes | Carrie Petri | Mobile

Carrie's VIP Day Review

“I would recommend a VIP Day to anyone looking to get a beautiful website up in record time. It was a fantastic investment, and Heather is a pleasure to work with!

It was everything I would have hoped for. Heather made it all feel easy. She created beautiful pages and intuitively understood my feedback and what I was trying to achieve. I've worked with other site designers in the past, and none were as easy to work with as Heather.”

Is a VIP Day right for you?

If a VIP Day is something that you may be interested in, I'd love to tell you more about it! Let's find out if it's a good fit for you:


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