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A Custom Branding & Web Design experience where everything on your website wishlist is completed in just one day (or one week!).


“Absolutely incredible!”

-Rachel & Candace

"I knew her design capabilities, but was still blown away by the VIP day process. Do your brand a favor and hire Heather. It’s the best decision you can make!"

“Overall AMAZING Experience!”

-Veronica W.

"Working with Heather on our VIP Day was an absolutely amazing experience! My website looks so professional and is very user friendly. She is the best! 10/10!"

“I'm a fan of VIP days!”

-Elenora L.

"I wish I had found Heather's services sooner! She took a patchwork of information and pulled everything together quickly and cohesively. The VIP day was convenient for my schedule (I could continue to work on my own tasks while Heather worked behind the scenes!) - and it was exciting to receive the updates throughout the day."

“The website looks so awesome!”

-Michele M.

"Seriously, I love your work- but I am blown away!  The colors are perfect!"

“The best part was having my website done in just one day!”

-Ashley D.

"Heather has an amazing ability to take your vision for your project and make it better than you ever imagined! I finally got the website of my dreams!"

“My VIP Day was a fantastic investment, and Heather is a pleasure to work with!”

-Carrie P.

"It was everything I would have hoped for, and Heather made it all feel easy. I would recommend the VIP Day to anyone looking to get a beautiful website up in record time."

“I Seriously Loved My VIP Day!”

-Amy T.

"I loved being able to just get everything done in one day, and not go back and forth over with multiple emails over a longer period of time.  I will definitely do this again!"

“I was so surprised to see how effective it was to do it this way!”

-Mami Y.

"I was not sure if only 8 hours and communicating via chat would be enough, but Heather made it work beautifully! It was also amazing that she was so flexible about time scheduling as well as allocating.I truly respect her work style and design skills. The website is a Masterpiece!"

“My VIP Day was GREAT!”

-Savannah W.

"Heather's communication was quick. She listened to my input and ideas and made a beautiful website. My website now looks SO professional and easy to navigate. 10 out of 10!"

“VIP Day was awesome, and I highly recommend it!”

-Stacey B.

"Heather’s thorough process, professionalism and experience made the VIP Day incredibly smooth. At the end of the day, I had a website that flowed seamlessly and was 100% me!"

Does yours pass the test? If not, no worries! With 15 years of experience and a background in Visual Arts, I'm here to help you create a unique, one-of-a-kind online home for your business.

I'm READY FOR a new website

It only takes 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion of your website. 🤯

You'll have 1 hour of Post-VIP edits, and 30 days of email support.

I'll design (or refresh) your beautiful new Showit website

How It Works

Complete the Client Workbook from your Portal.



Secure your VIP Day or Week with a deposit, and gain instant access to your Client Portal.

Post-VIP Day/Week

Design Time

Complete Workbook

Book Your Project



5 page website
Color palette & font selection
Simple / Text-based logo design
Mobile friendly design
Installation & Launch 🚀

VIP: website in a day includes:

Website in a Day

What Can Be Done On A VIP Day?

Addition of new pages
Changes or edits to current pages
Design refresh
Email marketing integration
 Other misc tasks

VIP: updates in a day can include:

Updates in a Day

What Can Be Done On A VIP Day?

Logo Design
Submark Design (Secondary Logo)
Brand LookBook with color codes & fonts
Social Media Templates- Canva (3)

VIP: branding in a day can include:

Branding in a Day

What Can Be Done On A VIP Day?

Long-Form Sales Page for a Course, Service, or Product
Thank You Page

VIP: Sales Page in a day can include:

Sales Page in a Day

What Can Be Done On A VIP Day?

6-10 Page Showit Website

VIP Week includes:

A VIP Week is on 4 consecutive days

Brand LookBook with Mood Board, Color Palette, Fonts, Logo Design, and Secondary Logo Design

1 Week/4 Days Dedicated to Your Project (M-Th)

3 Social Media Templates to Match Your Brand

What Can Be Done On A VIP Week?

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Although I cannot guarantee everything on your to-do list will get finished on our VIP Day, I will strive to get as much completed as I possibly can.

Seriously I love your work, but I am blown away!

Real Reactions

I'll provide 5-10 licensed stock photos for your new website

Stock Photos

Short video tutorials to get you familiar with the Showit platform

Showit-Off eCourse

Get all of your ideas organized with this 30+ page planner

Website Planner

You've Unlocked These Bonuses!




1 Day/8-Hours Dedicated to Your Project

Color Palette & Font Selection

VIP Day Portal With Client Workbook

Website Template of Your Choice From the Shop

1 Hour of Post-VIP Day Edits or Changes

30 Days of Post-VIP Day Email Support

5-Page Showit Website



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Text-Based Logo Design

1 Week/4 Days Dedicated to Your Project (M-Th)

Mood Board, Color Palette & Font Selection

VIP Day Portal With Client Workbook

3 Social Media Templates to Match Your Brand

1 Hour of Post-VIP Day Edits or Changes

30 Days of Post-VIP Day Email Support

6-10 Page Showit Website


VIP Week

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Logo Design & Secondary Logo Design

Payment Plans Available

Payment Plans Available

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for returning cLients

Returning Client? Half and Quarter Days are available for smaller to-do lists.

Not sure which option is right for you?


How long is a vip day / VIP Week?

VIP Day is on a scheduled day of your choosing for 8 hours from 9am-5pm CST. If needed, these times can be adjusted to fit your time zone and availability.

VIP Week is 1 week/ 4 days (M-Th) from 9am-4pm CST. 

When do we communicate and how?

For VIP Days, we will be communicating through an online chat of your choice- Gmail chat, Facebook Messenger, or Voxer. 

It will be important that you can communicate a few times throughout the day in case I have questions as I design your website. We will not be chatting the entire 8 hours, just for check-ins and to get feedback and approvals.

For VIP Weeks, we will be communicating through email and online chat if needed.

How do i prepare for a vip day / VIP Week?

After booking your project, you will gain immediate access to your VIP Portal. Your Client Workbook will be here as well as some other goodies and bonuses.

Don't worry, I will help you organize everything needed for your website prior to our project start date!

Do you offer payment plans?

For VIP Days I offer a 2-month payment plan ($1,250), as well as the option to pay for your VIP Day in full ($2,500). 

For VIP Weeks I offer a 3-month ($2,400), and 6-month payment plans ($1,200), as well as the option to pay for your VIP Week in full ($7,000). 

Can I hire you for updates in the future?

Absolutely! My repeat clients have the option to book a quarter, half, or full VIP Day as needed. Many of my clients opt for this when they want me to design new pages, do a design refresh, etc.

However, the beauty of having a Showit website is that you will be able to make updates easily and frequently without having to hire a designer to do them for you! I will provide you with walk-through videos in the Showit-off eCourse to help you feel confident when making updates and changes to your website.

Example: You are launching your new website and are charging $1,000 per service. VIP Day pricing is $2,500.

How many sales do you need to pay for this investment? 💵

let's do the math...

$2,500 / $1,000 = 2.5 Sales

I'm so ready for this!

With a degree in Visual Arts and over 15 years of experience in the industry, I'm equipped to help you create a one-of-a-kind website. As your creative partner, I will ensure that your online home is a true reflection of you – your personality, your aesthetic, your story. 

The key difference in working with me

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