How to Make a Moodboard + FREE Canva Templates

Today I’m teaching you how to make a moodboard with FREE Canva Moodboard templates and a FREE workshop! One fall morning, I was sitting in my ‘Introduction to Interior Design’ class at LSU, and the professor was teaching us the basics of color theory. “In the visual arts, color theory is a body of practical […]

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Checklist for Starting an Online Business

I’m so excited to share the Checklist for Starting an Online Business with you! I love helping women bring their hopes and dreams to life through online businesses- and I thought this would be a great tool for you to have as you start or pivot on your business journey. Let’s get started! Checklist for […]

Free Moodboard Templates

Creating a Moodboard is the perfect way to define the tone or inspiration for a project. I enjoy creating these for custom  branding and web design projects I work on, and I find that is really helps both my clients and I align our ideas. These moodboards are also fun to use when you are […]