How to set up an atomated email reply with Dubsado
How to set up an atomated email reply with Dubsado

We've all been there before. We decide to hire someone to _________, and we get so excited that we reach out to multiple businesses who provide what we need.

It's easy to find many people that you possibly want to work with, but in the end you can only choose one, right?

Here's my #1 tip for staying top of mind and winning over a potential client who has reached out to you (and probably many others as well):

Set up an automated email reply!

It may sound silly or basic, but it makes a tremendous difference in the way your potential clients view your business.

By setting up an automation for your leads or inquiries, they get an immediate response that let's them know that:

✅ They are being seen, heard, and appreciated just for making contact with you

✅ You value their time and their interest in your services

✅ They can expect great communication with you from the get-go

✅ You are excited to hear more about their needs/project

It doesn't have to be a long email that takes them an hour to read. These are the only things that you MUST include in your reply email:

  1. First and foremost, thank them for their interest in your services and for reaching out
  2. Let them know when they can expect to receive a reply (Include your office hours or communication timeframe)

And that's it!

How to set up an automated email reply with Dubsado

So you may be wondering how to set up this automated email reply with Dubsado. There are many different ways to do this, but I use Dubsado. You can sign up for a Free Trial and Save 50% off if you decide to sign up with my affiliate link. I have been using Dubsado for years (check out the form on my contact page), and setting an automated email reply workflow is only one of the amazing features of Dubsado!

Ready to see how it works? In the video below, I'm going to show you how to setup a basic automated reply for your inquiries using Dubsado:

No contact page to embed an inquiry form on (or maybe there is one, but you are too embarrassed to send it out)?

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