10 Quick Tips for Creating Your Website Content | 10 Quick Tips for Creating Your Website Content |
10 Tips for Creating Your Website Content | Heather Jones Creative

Are you struggling with your website content and feeling overwhelmed or defeated? Or maybe you just need some tips to help you refine the content you already have. Either way, I'm here to share my 10 Tips for Creating Your Website Content to make sure your website will keep your visitors engaged and wanting more.

On the average Web page, users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit
– Source

10 Quick Tips for Creating Your Website Content

1. Define a goal for each page of your website

By knowing what your goal is for each page of your website, you'll be able to create the content in a way that directs users to take action. Before you begin creating content, define the main goal for each page and brainstorm ways in which you can gently lead your visitors in that direction.

2. Make your website text scannable

No one has time to (or wants to) read long paragraphs of plain text. By making your content scannable, it will convince your visitors to stay interested while moving throughout your website. I suggest using headings and subheadings throughout each page to help break up the text and make it easier to scan, skim and read.

3. Break your text up into sections

Instead of having one really long paragraph, break it up with sections or visuals. Use background colors, dividing lines, graphics, and more to create sections on each page of your website. This will make your website flow better and be much more appealing for viewers.

4. Use bullet points, checkboxes, etc

Another great way to break up your content is to use bullet points or checkboxes. These elements will add visual interest to a list or long section of text.

5. Use Call to Actions on every page

This one is an easy win! Make sure to add a call to action on every page of your website. The only page that will typically have more than one CTA is your homepage, but as long as your pages have at least one- you're good to go!

6. Use your unique voice to connect with your audience

Unless you are running a large business, I always recommend using your unique voice and writing in the first person. Use ‘I' and ‘We' instead of your name(s), and speak to your audience in a way that delivers valuable information while still showing your personality.

7. Create short, organized paragraphs

Not sure how long to make the paragraphs on your website? Stick to 2-3 sentences each. You'll quickly realize that you'll probably need a lot less text than you originally thought you needed!

8. Create strong headlines using your keywords

You'll want to do some keyword research for SEO, and create strong headlines throughout your website using these keywords. Interesting headlines will guide the visitors through your website and keep them around longer.

9. Add unique images and videos

Unique images and videos are a great way to add even more visual interest to your content. Schedule a brand photoshoot to really get one-of-a-kind photos. Don't just think about headshots, also capture some behind the scenes photos or videos as well. Clients and customers love to see you in action!

10. Keep the reading level low

Use this readability tool to get your website's readability score. I recommend shooting for an 8-10 grade  Flesch-Kincaid Reading Level for most websites, but this will greatly depend on your audience and your niche.

Now that you know how to create your website content, it's time to pair it with a beautiful, engaging website design. Ready to get started?


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