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Showit VIP Day: Behind the Scenes

When I first heard about VIP Days, I thought that there was no possible way that I could deliver a finished website in just one day. Since 2008, I have been offering custom brand and web designs to my clients, which took an average of 6-8 weeks for each project. How would this be possible? […]

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You’ve started your new business (or maybe you’re ready to level-up or scale), and you’re unsure if investing in a Brand and Web Design will really pay off. Today I’m going over the 4 reasons to invest in Branding & Web Design for your business. 1. Create a Virtual Home for Your Business This one […]

VIP Day | Showit Websites | Heather Jones Creative

Today I am diving into the details of a VIP Day. Since it is something that I have recently started offering, I know that you may have questions about what it actually is. VIP Day includes one entire day dedicated to you and your project. On this day, we will work together to get your […]

Showit Vs Squarespace | Heather Jones Creative | Showit Website Templates

Showit Vs Squarespace: Which is Better? One of the most common questions I get asked is “Which is better- Showit Vs Squarespace?”. I’d like to tell you that both of these are great platforms for your website, whether you plan to DIY or hire a designer. However, I do prefer Showit over Squarespace, and I’m […]