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How to set up an atomated email reply with Dubsado

My # 1 Tip for Staying Top of Mind-Set up an automated email reply with Dubsado

We’ve all been there before. We decide to hire someone to _________, and we get so excited that we reach out to multiple businesses who provide what we need. It’s easy to find many people that you possibly want to work with, but in the end you can only choose one, right? Here’s my #1 […]

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How to set up an atomated email reply with Dubsado

Today I’d like to go over the 5 Home Page Must-Haves for your website. After years of designing websites for hundreds of clients, I’ve learned that a strong Home Page is absolutely priceless. Do you ever wonder how long the average user stays on a website? The answer is sad, but true: not very long. […]

Today I’m teaching you how to make a moodboard with FREE Canva Moodboard templates and a FREE workshop! One fall morning, I was sitting in my ‘Introduction to Interior Design’ class at LSU, and the professor was teaching us the basics of color theory. “In the visual arts, color theory is a body of practical […]

VIP Day | Showit Websites | Heather Jones Creative

Today I am diving into the details of a VIP Day. Since it is something that I have recently started offering, I know that you may have questions about what it actually is. VIP Day includes one entire day dedicated to you and your project. On this day, we will work together to get your […]

Are you a business, wellness, spiritual, or health coach in need of a website? If so, you should definitely consider purchasing one of the available Showit templates for coaches! 2020 was the year of the unexpected. Coaching businesses had to completely rethink their (mostly in-person) offerings to adapt to a global pandemic. With the turn […]