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Are you unsure about what to add to your website About Page? How much is too much, how should you speak, and what needs to be included? These are all common questions I get often, and today I'm here to tell you my 5 Secrets for Creating an Irresistible About Page.

The About Page is extremely important for making a connection with your website visitors. You'll want to take your time when creating this page, and I've got some great tips to share after creating hundreds of About Pages for my clients. Let's dive right in!

#1- State What You Do and Who You Serve

At the very top of your About Page, you'll want to include the most important information on this page: what you do and who you serve. Even though it's natural to think that an About Page is actually about you- it's really about your ideal client and how you can serve them.

Make sure that this info is above the fold on your About Page, and that your viewer does not have to do any scrolling or clicking to view this information. You want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to learn about you and your business, while being curious enough to scroll and learn more.

#2- Show Your Personality

Gone are the days of expecting to see a formal bio on an About Page. Your website visitors would prefer to feel connection and curiosity. Instead of presenting them with a formal bio written in the third person, speak to them in the first person as if you were having a casual convo with a friend. Let your personality shine through your words!

I always like to put a few unexpected descriptive words about me near the top (ex: “Mom of 3, Crime Junkie Addict, Purple Lover”) and then I'll follow with a more traditional paragraph about my work and experience. Remember that this page is not a resume. It's a chance to share details with your audience without making them feel bored or overwhelmed, so keep things short and sweet!

#3- Add Fun, Unexpected Details

Aside from highlighting what you do and who you work with, I suggest adding a few fun details to spice things up. If someone comes to your About Page, you want to surprise them (but in a good way!) by going above and beyond to make them feel welcome. Be authentic and approachable. Get creative here, and above all else- have fun!

Take a look at these examples for inspiration: ‘get to know me' quiz, ‘my journey' timeline, a ‘fun facts' section, another fun quiz, etc.

#4- Use Unique & Personal Images

I strongly recommend using photos that you are excited and feel good about. If at all possible, do a brand photoshoot! It's ok to add a stock image here or there, but having photos of yourself will really make or break this page. I suggest having at least one professional photo of you (preferably looking at the camera) on your About Page.

The photos on this page need to scream ‘you', so you'll want to add some more casual photos as well. Whether it's a photo of you popping a bottle of your favorite bubbly or playing with your toddler in your backyard, include a few snapshots of your life behind the scenes. A word of caution: It's easy to go overboard with these, so be very selective and limit what you add.

#5- Add a Call to Action (CTA) Button

After your website visitors have read (or skimmed) through your About Page, what's next? Now that they've fallen in love with you 😍, you'll want to be absolutely certain that you lead them directly to what's next. Keep the ‘conversation' going.

You can easily do this by adding a button to the bottom of your About Page. You'll want to select the CTA based on the purpose of your website. Some examples are: ‘Shop Now', ‘Book a Call', ‘Get in Touch', ‘Join the Tribe', ‘Enroll Now', ‘View Services', etc)

I hope that these 5 Secrets for Creating an Irresistible About Page have sparked some ideas for your page! You can reach out anytime to show me your About Page, I'd love to see it! hello@heather-jones.com.

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