You've started your new business (or maybe you're ready to level-up or scale), and you're unsure if investing in a Brand and Web Design will really pay off.

Today I'm going over the 4 reasons to invest in Branding & Web Design for your business.

1. Create a Virtual Home for Your Business

This one is the most important, because it gives your ideal clients a virtual home base and place to connect with you. When someone asks how they can learn more about your business, you don't want to start sending them to your FB or IG page (cringe!) Instead, lead them to a beautiful, strategic online home where they can learn more about you and what you offer.

Having a website of your own simply makes you more trustworthy. And speaking of trust…

2. Establish Trust with Your Audience

Your clients and customers are going to want to know that you are legit, trustworthy, and have some authority in your space. Having a website means that you can present all of the information needed to show them that you are a real, credible business owner.

Think about how you do your own shopping online, especially for large purchases. (Tiktok impulse buys not included 🤣). You will most likely do research on a business or company by learning more through their website, right? No one wants to scroll through your last 50 FB posts or IG Reels to find out your pricing or availability. Having a website makes it EASY for your audience to connect with and trust you.

3. Create a Permanent Place for Your Business (VS. Social Media)

Algorithms, bans, and FB jail- oh my! Don't let social media platforms control who gets to see your content and when.

Having your own website means creating a permanent place online for your business- which means a permanent place for your ideal client to connect with you at any time!

Another advantage is that you can inject strategy into your page design unlike with social media pages. Leading a user to a CTA or additional pages on your website is a great way to initiate a connection with your visitor.

4. Increase Revenue

Did you know that brand consistency can increase your revenue by more than 33% on average? Having a website and being consistent with your brand will make a huge impact on your revenue and business growth.

When you show up consistently on your website, newsletters, and social media- your audience will be much more comfortable with hiring you. When you have an online business, image is everything!

Ready to invest in a Custom Brand & Web Design?

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