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I'm excited to bring you a short 3-part series for improving your website's SEO! I'm going over 3 Easy SEO Tips for Showit, and each video will share one SEO tip that you can implement immediately.

3 Easy SEO Tips for Showit

💻 SEO Tips Part 1: H1 Tags

The first SEO Tip is all about H1 tags. As simple as it is to do, you'd be surprised how many websites aren't utilizing this one important element. Click below to watch a short video on getting your H1 tags set up correctly. It's easier than you think, I promise!

💻 SEO Tips Part 2: Page Titles and Descriptions

The second SEO Tip is all about your most important on-page SEO settings: your page title and description. Watch below to learn best practices for this tip!

💻 SEO Tips Part 3: Image Optimization

Image optimization is so important, and it's something we often forget to do (guilty here!). Watch below for tips on optimizing your images with this quick how-to video.

I hope you've enjoyed these 3 Easy SEO Tips for Showit! If you'd like to keep the momentum going and start planning some SEO keywords as well as other parts of your website, join the FREE Website Planning Workshop:


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