Trust me when I say I'VE SEEN IT ALL! 👀 (And it's not all good.) Today I'm sharing the brutal truth about most DIY websites (and how to fix them!)

DIY websites can be quite obvious to most visitors. Here are the ‘dead giveaways' and how to fix them. I've got you!

Giveaway 1: We Can Spot Your Stock Photos a Mile Away!

While it’s tempting to go stock photo crazy or even use the ones that came with your template , most of your visitors can spot these a mile away.

Too many stock photos can make your website feel ‘fake’ or ‘spammy’ and will quickly lose trust with your audience.

The fix? A Brand Photoshoot! Mix your stock photos with authentic brand photos of you doing your thang!

Giveaway 2: Too Much Copy, Not Enough Headings

If you’re under the impression that more text and longer paragraphs make your website more informative- think again!

Too many paragraphs and not enough headings will bore your viewers to death and make them quickly out.

The fix? Make your pages skimmable by adding more headings and breaking up the text.

Giveaway 3: Fonts Galore!

I know how HARD it can be to decide on a few select fonts for your website when there are so many options to choose from. If you’re a font addict like me, I feel your pain.

But too many fonts create chaos. and makes your website scream DIY.

The fix? Narrow down your website fonts to just 2 or 3.

Giveaway 4: Canva Called… They Want Their Logo Back!

Your logo is the face of your brand, but if it looks like it came straight from a Canva template , it's time for an upgrade. Your business needs a unique, memorable logo that truly reflects your identity.

The fix? Hire a designer OR create a simple text-based logo. Keeping things simple is a great option if you are on a budget.

Giveaway 5: Boring Website Alert!

Static websites are soooo last season . Bring your site to life with animations, videos, and interactive elements. It’s time to captivate your audience and keep them hooked from the moment they land on your page.

The fix? Select a template that already has animations and transitions built in. And don’t forget to add in a few videos showing some behind the scenes of what you do!

Giveaway 6: Crickets… When Was the Last Update?

An outdated website is can make your viewers feel like they entered a ghost town. Regular updates not only keep your content fresh but also boost your search engine ranking.

The fix? Create a website content schedule for adding things like blog posts, portfolio updates, podcasts, or youtube videos.

Need a Helping Hand?

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