Are you a business, wellness, spiritual, or health coach in need of a website? If so, you should definitely consider purchasing one of the available Showit templates for coaches!

2020 was the year of the unexpected. Coaching businesses had to completely rethink their (mostly in-person) offerings to adapt to a global pandemic. With the turn of events, many of my coaching clients pivoted to online business models, and have surprisingly been able to grow their businesses exponentially!

Whether you're just starting your coaching business or have been in business for some time, it's never too late to launch a Showit website that connects with your ideal client.

Let's take a look specifically at why a Showit website template can be such a valuable investment for your coaching business.

Showit Templates for Coaches

Showit Templates for Coaches | Heather Jones Creative | Charlotte Rose
Charlotte Rose Template

1. Offer Your Services in a Unique Way

Showit templates for coaches are perfect for your business, because running a coaching business is very much like running a service-based business. And having a Showit website is perfect for this! While I don't recommend Showit for a large e-commerce stores, I do recommend it 100% for coaches and creatives.

Showit makes it so easy to integrate schedulers for booking calls, present detailed packages, sell your courses and memberships, and have the creative freedom to create a website that is uniquely you. Having a heartfelt website for your coaching business is going to be a game changer, and choosing the perfect website template will make it easy for you to offer your services to viewers in a unique and engaging way.

Simone Template

2. Easily Set Up Your Website

The set up for a Showit website template is easy, and dare I say- fun! With absolutely no coding required, you can swap out colors, fonts, photos, and text and BOOM! You have a beautiful website for your coaching business that was super easy to set up, and you'll be excited to finally hit that publish button!

Vivienne Template

3. Launch Your Website Quickly

By customizing a website template, you are saving tons of time and can get back to doing what you love- coaching and serving your clients!

One benefit of using a template vs hiring a designer (besides the price tag), is that you can have your website up and running in a week or less! There's no back and forth communication with a designer, and you can work on it at your convenience. If you purchase one of my Showit Website Templates, I'll lead you step-by-step from purchase to launch!

Showit Templates for Coaches | Heather Jones Creative | Noelle
Noëlle Template

4. Build Your Community

Most coaches have a tight knit community, and it's usually by way of a Facebook Group or other private group. It's extremely easy to highlight this community with a Showit website template.

A few ways to do this: link to it from your main menu, put a link in your footer, add a link on your opt-in thank you page, and you can even add it to your blog sidebar or after-post section.

There are so many easy ways to invite more members into your community with a Showit website!
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Shop Showit Templates for Coaches

I hope you can now see why Showit templates for coaches are such a great way to elevate your business!

If you've made it this far I'd love for you to check out the Showit templates for coaches in my shop:

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Showit Website Templates for Coaches | Heather Jones Creative
Showit Website Templates for Coaches | Heather Jones Creative


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