A step-by-step framework to help you design a beautiful, professional and profitable website for your small business.

In this course, you will learn how to design a Showit website that will elevate your small business and attract ideal clients (with zero coding required).

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Have an idea for a new business, and you're ready to pursue your dreams and get things off the ground

Are a new business owner and realize that you can't keep running your business from your social media pages

Are an established business owner, but your current website is a lacking and you cringe when someone asks for your website address

Whether You...

Before I tell you about this life-changing course, let's talk about who this is really for...

you're in the right place!

no worries, i've got you covered!

You're feeling overwhelmed with all of the options

You're not in a position to spend thousands of dollars on a website

You're not tech savvy and don't want to learn how to code

You don't want your website to look DIY or unprofessional

You don't even know where to start!

You're well aware of the importance of a beautiful, professional website. But something has been holding you back...

“I love my new website and the overall look and brand. Thank you Heather!”

-chalene johnson

“I absolutely loved working with Heather and highly recommend her. She was so easy to work with and was great at bringing our vision to life. Thank you, Heather! You're amazing!

fitness coach, author

By the end of this program,

Planned Your Website with Purpose

Designed Professional Branding

Written and Gathered Your Website Content 

you will have...

Launched An Amazing Website

Learned How to Maintain and Update Your Website

Created A Custom Content Plan for Your Business

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Just imagine if you could...

Design and launch a website that you actually love.

Convert website visitors into paying customers.

Feel excited to share your website with others.

Be able to easily maintain your website.

um... yes, please!

Ditch the website woes and design a beautiful, profitable website on a fun-to-use platform. 🎨

You'll celebrate and watch the dollars roll in as your website starts turning visitors into paying customers who adore you. 💵

No more feeling ashamed of your ugly, boring, or non-existent website. You'll be dropping that URL like it's hot! 🔥

No need to hire a designer to make changes to your website. You'll be able to log in, make updates, and hit publish! 💻

Love Notes

“With a great majority of our business coming from online, it was imperative that our new website embody the true essence of who we are as a company -- and we could not be more thrilled with the final result. ”

kristin cavallari

“A website design can seem daunting, but not with Heather. She is organized and has a process that makes it very easy and doable.”

Crystal brown

“Working with Heather far exceeded our own dreams for the online presence of our business. I am certain that this investment will be worth it!”

kim howard

“Designing a website that reflected the heart of my business was always important to me, but I struggled to make room for it in my budget. Thank you so much for helping me create the website of my dreams!”

Sarah Stair

“Heather is incredibly talented and great to work with. She was able to help capture and translate my vision into a beautiful digital website and home. I highly recommend working with her!”

destinee berman

“I am able to freely express my creativity, and to share my offerings with the world (without feeling overwhelmed with website creation). To my surprise, Web Design has become inspiring + accessible + creative... WOW! Thank YOU Heather!!”

lynne marion

What's Inside

Web Design Academy consists of 7 modules that will help you plan, design, and launch a website tailored to you and your business. Lesson by lesson, I'll teach you how to create a Showit website that connects with your audience and converts visitors into clients.

planning for your new website

Discover how to plan & design a website that speaks to the heart of your ideal client

Learn SEO planning strategies to set your website up for success from the start

Identify the pages needed for your new website



designing your website branding

Gather and organize inspiration for your website design

Create a unique color palette for your website branding

Create, purchase, or incorporate a logo & graphics

Select and purchase fonts for your website branding



creating your website content

Write concise and compelling website copy that converts visitors into clients

Choose photos and videos that compliment your unique brand

Gather and organize all content for your website pages and sections

Learn how to create a high-converting lead magnet for your specific audience



designing your website

Learn the basics of working with Showit

Add your branding colors and fonts to the Showit design settings

Add your photos and text to your website

Customize your website pages to fit your specific needs



launching your website

Create a plan for launching your website

Test your website on desktop and mobile devices

Launch your new website

Celebrate your launch success



maintaining and updating your website

Learn how to add new pages to your website

Learn how to make basic changes and updates

Add a shopping cart to your website

Link to third party services for courses, memberships, scheduling, etc



content planning for future growth

Choose a content form that fits your personality

Create a 'content everywhere schedule'

Learn how to create graphics with Canva

Wrapup & celebrate!



A 7-Step Framework to take your website from idea to launch 

Professional Branding that you will use on on your website and across your social media accounts

A Beautiful Website that attracts and books your ideal clients

A Content Plan for growing your website statistics and your business

(A $2500 value)

when you enroll in web design academy during this special limited time period, you'll get:

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As a student of Web Design Academy, you'll...

design a website you love

launch with confidence

attract your ideal customers

position yourself as an expert

feel excited to share your website

have a beautiful website on all devices

increase your traffic

grow your business & income

maintain your website with ease

Is Website Design Difficult?

(Nope, and it can actually be fun!)

I won't lie to you. Websites used to be extremely time consuming to create. Aside from planning out the website content, you would have to design and code it page by brutal page. We won’t even talk about how terrible it ended up looking on mobile devices after all of that hard work 😩.

This meant that you were no longer having fun with the website design process, because you were stressed about having to learn too much tech stuff that was basically in another language! (Ok, it really was.)

The good news? By designing and building your website on the Showit platform, there is absolutely no coding or techy stuff involved. You'll enjoy having unlimited creative freedom with just the click of a mouse!

Ready to get the step-by-step process to design and launch a website you           ?

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I want you to absolutely           this program and your beautiful new website. 


If you aren't head over heels, I offer a 14-day money back guarantee so that you can try this framework RISK-FREE.

Web Design Academy combines my very best strategies for building a website that both you and your clients will love. It’s the only web design course that fuses your unique design style, your target audience, and a code-free website platform to give you the best results possible- in the form of a beautiful new website for your small business.

If you've completed the first two modules and do not feel confident about launching your website, you can reach out and let me know that you've put in the work but you'd still like a refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

what if i'm totally new to web design?

This course was designed for anyone that is completely new to web design, as well as those who may have already created a few websites in the past.

Since there is no coding required, this course will be focused on designing a website that appeals to your target audience and grows your business.

No tech skills? No problem! I'll be walking you through every step of the process and will be available for any questions you have along the way.


You will have lifetime access to this course. I will release a module each week over the course of 8 weeks (we will have a 'catch up' week), however you can go at your own pace.


You will have a 14 day money-back guarantee beginning on the first day of the course. 


Aside from Showit, you do not need any other programs or services to complete this course, but I do recommend a few along the way for specific things (ex: email marketing provider, canva, etc.) 


Great! You can repurpose some of the content (text and photos) from you current website if you want to. If not, I will teach you how to design and build everything from the ground up!

If you are currently paying for hosting from another provider, you will be able to cancel once you launch your Showit website. No need to pay for hosting twice! 


The course is delivered in video format through Teachable. Each module includes lessons, and each lesson has a video. I also provide some worksheets and printables along the way for you to use with specific lessons.


Any small business owner can benefit from this course, however I do not recommend this course for entrepreneurs who strictly need an ecommerce website (10-20+ products) or profit solely from ads.

This course is absolutely perfect for Coaches, Photographers, Course Creators, Podcasters, Designers, Artists, Bloggers, and other service providers and small business owners.


You will only need to pay one hosting fee to Showit. This can be paid monthly and ranges from $19-$34/month depending on your needs. This hosting fee can also be paid annually. If you decide to pay annually, I will send you a 10% off coupon code to apply to your subscription.

You will need to purchase a domain for your website, and this cost is $10-15 a year depending on the domain provider. 


Showit connects with WordPress for blogging. Once you publish a blog post through WordPress, it will automatically feed into your Showit website. You can read more about how it works here.


Yes. This course is designed to teach you how to create a Showit website that is easy to build without having to do any coding at all. Showit is my platform of choice because it offers great customer support, is an easy drag and drop builder, and it give you complete creative control. 

This course       for you if...

This course                 for you if...


is not

You’ve struggled with designing your website in the past due to platform limitations, tech, and coding.

You want a website that can be easily maintained and updated for years to come.

You want your website to look amazing no matter what device it is being viewed from.

You're ready to finally connect with your ideal customer and watch your business grow.

Your business is strictly an ecommerce business, and you have more than 10-20 products.

Your business earns income solely from ads on your website, not from services or other offerings.

You enjoy coding and want to do all things html, css, php, etc. vs a drag & drop website editor.

You're not concerned with your website showing up perfectly on all screen sizes.

I've been designing websites for as long as I can remember, and I've learned so many things over the last 20 years. 

I've created this step-by-step framework to take you from idea to launch quickly and easily, so you can have a website that truly grows your business.

It's no secret that my passion for web design has helped me build my six-figure business, and having a professional website is the only reason I have gotten to where I am today. 

Now it's your turn to shine online, and I can't wait to help you make your dream website a reality.  Let's get this party started!

All my best,

Proud to be a Showit 

I cannot wait to help you plan, design, and launch your dream website over the next 7 weeks...


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